KillSwitch Fanclubs must not miss!

Auction for an exclusive and uniquely yours merchandise, with your choice of words embedded to the back. Win KillSwitch’s merchandise ranging from T-Shirts to Hoodies to KillSwitch Mascot dolls!

All of these items are ready to be yours, more exclusively, KillSwitch will be free NFT to 1000 auction winners, where numbers will be starting from “0–999”.

KillSwitch’s auction timeline:

4–7 June 2021

  • Launch of KillSwitch Shirt auction activity, so be prepared to exchange your tokens

4 June 2021, at 6 p.m (UTC+7)

  • Auction Day

7 June 2021, at 6 p.m (UTC+7)

  • Closing Day

8–14 June 2021

  • Filling delivery address and Information

15 June — 15 July 2021

  • Expect to receive your exclusive merchandise from KillSwitch right in front of your doorstep!

16–30 July 2021

  • Expect to receive your exclusive merchandise from KillSwitch right in front of your doorstep!

Auction Duration: 72 Hours or 3 Days

Token used for auction: BUSD

How to:

  1. Login to Wallet
    *If you don’t have one , we recommended: Trust Wallet , Safepal , Metamask
  2. Choose “Shirt Print” or “number order of your selected shirt”
  3. Start Auctioning
    - If you are the first one to bid, the starting price is at 10 BUSD
    - Incase you selected choice of shirt has another bidder/competitors , you need to bid higher than your competitors
    - In case your competitors bid higher than you, your bid money will return to your wallet immediately and the transaction will show up on the web.
    - With each bid , you can bid 5 minutes after the person before you to prevent last minute bidding.
    - However, if there is another bid in the final round, the system will automatically extend time by 5 minutes for that specific number. After 5 minutes , nobody is allowed to bid further. The total extended time must not exceed 1 hour after the time is expired to allow everyone to bid in the auction.
    - After the end of the auction, the items from auctioning that winners will be receiving will depend on the amount of TBVL (Total Bidding Value Lock)
    - As for the shirt that hasn’t been auctioned, it will be sent back to the KillSwitch and will not be offered to the public again.
  4. As soon as the auction ends, everyone will be able to look at which shirt print has the highest amount of bidders
  5. After the auction, everyone can put in their personal information including delivery address for the delivery of auctioned goods.

P.S After the completion of the auction, the goods will be produced within 1 month and will be sent to your doorstep afterwards!


Amount of the prizes that each person will be receiving depends on the amount of TBVL (Total Bidding Value Lock) in this auction. ( Every winner will receive 1 free NFT )

Level 1 : TVBL 10,000 BUSD

  • 1 KillSwitch T-Shirt

Level 2: TVBL 30,000 BUSD

  • 1 KillSwitch T-Shirt + 1 Cap

Level 3: TVBL 60,000 BUSD

  • 1 KillSwitch T-Shirt + 1 Cap + 1 Polo Shirt

Level 4: TVBL 100,000 BUSD

  • 2 KillSwitch T-Shirt + 1 Cap + 2 Polo Shirt + 1 Hoodie

Level 5 : TVBL 200,000 BUSD

  • 2 KillSwitch T-Shirt + 2 Cap + 2 Polo Shirt + 2 Hoodie + 1 KillSwitch Mascot Doll + 1 Big Surprise Prize from KillSwitch

A good chance to win lots of prizes! KillSwitch Fans must not miss!!

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