Continue reading to learn how to get some rewards ending at — 16:59 UTC


Rewards will be sent out on the 12th November 2021 16:59 UTC

How to (step-by-step):

  1. Filter “KillSwitch” in the Platform column



KillSwitch X Morning Moon Village

KillSwitch X Morning Moon Village

📆Live: 15 Aug 20:00 pm — 15 Sep 20:00pm
Duration: 1 Month
Requirement: 5000 LUMI

🌳Introducing our latest alliance in the world of yield farming, Morning Moon Village
Play to earn and earn more with Jellopys!

🌳Hello, farmers of Morning Moon, we are happy to have you onboard We recognize your hard farming skills on the morning moon and would love to use this opportunity to have you grow more from your hard work. Continue reading to learn how…

How to stake?
1. Provide LP for KUB — LUMI at
2. Stake the LP at
3. Get Jellopy
4. Stake the Jellopy at “Boost” (5000 LUMI, for 1 month)
And you’re set to receive extra 💰

📞KillSwitch Official Channels

Telegram International
Telegram Thai




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